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META-Kinetics Level 1 Testimonials

We would like to say a big thank you to our students who so generously gave their time, energy and thought into formulating and presenting these testimonials.

'META-Kinetics provides high quality information that it's sometimes difficult or impossible to obtain in other ways. I was very happy to have lots of practice time. Lovely trainers and fellow students, high quality tuition and support'

Karen Williams, META-Health Coach & Sound Therapist

'I love the robustness of META-Kinetics, and the fact that it is so forgiving for trainees. I thought the pace of teaching and the course materials were fantastic. Most interesting was how the seemingly unknown and suppressed information elicited with such a small amount of linguistics. The training has blown my mind, circuits and just about everything else! The work done on me was massive and life changing. I feel different already!’

Sue Bennett, META-Health Coach Trainee, Reiki Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Massage Trainer, Holistic Therapist


‘So practical! META-Medicine is not complete without this – the application and resolution. Watching the master at work was inspiring!’

Lisa McCorrie, META-Health Coach and Natural Therapist


‘I enjoyed the whole lot – a great group of people, information clearly explained by trainers and course materials well presented. I gained new insights into healing potential, and was inspired by the tuning forks and heart strengthening demonstrations. I gained major personal insights in the health scan session. Thank you!’

 Jo Trewartha, META-Health Coach and SEN Teacher (Autistic Spectrum Disorders)


‘Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, loved every minute of it! I can clearly see how this can supersede all the old ways of kinesiology. I cannot wait to apply this fully to my process, and I look forward to getting even more specific results for my clients.

I gained muscle testing confidence and confirmation, plus learning and discovery. I loved learning Modality and Analogue. It was really good to get lots and lots of practice, muscle testing and using scan charts.  

Through the health scan, I discovered that I had a stomach issue modality that linked with an old and stuck memory. After stress loading, I cannot re-associate to the memory in the same way’

Haylee Arnold, META-Medicine Practitioner and Emotional Detox Therapist


‘The presentation was excellent and varied (different people, videos and PowerPoint). The trainers were very patient and there was plenty of help available when I got stuck.

I now have much more confidence in my ability to muscle test and feel the ‘tipping point’. I’m excited by the amount of information that can be gleaned in the shortest time with very efficient processes’

Rachel Kent, META-Health Coach, Psychotherapist and EFT Trainer


‘I was impressed by the accuracy of testing and the speed of diagnosis’

 Dharminder Gill, Director


‘An excellent mix of theory and practical work on a very well structured course. I gained a good insight into Meta-Kinetics – it’s very accurate!’

Anthony Brittain, META-Health Coach Trainee and retired Chartered Secretary