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AAMET - EFT Mentoring Day

Boost your EFT confidence, learn new techniques, develop your awareness and skills in EFT and energy psychology - join the next EFT Mentoring Day. 

This is an opportunity for you to check in with and receive supervision from Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross, experienced EFT Advanced Trainers and Advanced Practitioners respectively. 

Robert and Joanne have formulated and continue to evolve a unique synthesis of philosophies, methodologies and techniques from META-Medicine, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Systems research methods, cybernetics, psychotherapy, systemic therapy, NLP, EFT, Energy Psychology, META-Kinetics Advanced Kinesiology and The Human Design System. As such, they have developed unique and unparalleled approach to coaching and therapy.


Why join our EFT Mentoring Day?

This EFT Mentoring day will give you the opportunity to hone your EFT skills, develop new insights and awareness.

Attending two Mentoring Days per year is the easiest and most enjoyable way of meeting your AAMET requirements for Continuing Professional Development (12 hours' group mentoring per year) as an EFT Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner.

Our EFT Mentoring Day is open to those who have done at least Level 2 Training and are currently working towards qualification as well as qualified EFT Level 2 and 3 Practitioners.

You will gain the opportunity to ask your most complex energy psychology, mind-body health related questions, begin a troubleshooting process to overcome any difficulties or barriers you may be experiencing with clients, your own practice, or within yourself.

Each Mentoring Day provides opportunities for meeting and sharing with fellow Practitioners, learning new and advanced skills, increasing your knowledge, practising your EFT and receiving EFT from qualified Practitioners.


EFT Mentoring Day Testimonials

‘Both Vic and I would like to say a big thank you for a great Mentoring Day and Level 3 Course. We had a great time, met some amazing people and learned so much. It was also a wonderful opportunity to work on some of our issues and we are very grateful for this. We hope people will keep in touch and maybe we will see people again next mentoring day.

We were very impressed by Jo and Rob's enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and professionalism. A great example to aspire to! We both look forward to working with you on META-Medicine, and in time META-Kinetics and The Fusion Approach. We are both excited about our journey and the future. Thank you’

Sami and Vic Thorpe, Into Alignment


‘On a personal level it was absolutely great for me. I gained confidence, the possibility to experiment with the new techniques, to work with different people and experience their approaches. On a professional level, l gained confidence, and ideas on how to work with clients who have difficulties expressing their emotions or recalling specific memories’

Gaetana Anna Maria Tonti, Biologist, META-Health Coach and EFT Practitioner


‘Out of all the training I did in 2011, the EFT Mentoring day topped them all – being able to practice with other practitioners as well as integrating EFT with META-Medicine and Human Design was fantastic for me and has given me even greater precision when working with a client. Thank you Rob and Jo for your tireless efforts to deepen our knowledge and skills’

Roni Flatley, META-Health Coach & EFT Advanced Practitioner


What will we do on the EFT Mentoring Day?

Our EFT Mentoring Days combine three elements:

The content of each of our EFT Mentoring Days is based on participants' needs, desires and learning requests. What would help you to develop your EFT practice most? Let us know what you really want to learn and have it included in future Mentoring Day programmes!

Our next EFT Mentoring Day will include:


EFT Mentoring Day Course Details

Date: Sunday 8th September 2013

Time: 9.30am - 6pm

Venue: The St Johns Hotel, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT

Booking: Advance booking is essential. You can book your place via Google Checkout below or by sending a cheque to 'META-Health Academy Ltd', 541 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AW. Booking is non-refundable but transferable to other dates and/or courses in exceptional circumstances.

META-Health and EFT Mentoring Weekend: Have you done the META-Health Introductory Weekend or beyond? Join our META-Health Mentoring Day on Saturday for a whole Mentoring Weekend!


One person for one day - EFT Mentoring Day only: £95 for one person; £75 for our previous students (those who have completed the EFT Level 1 and 2 or 3 Training, META-Health Introductory Weekend, META-Health Coach Training or META-Kinetics Training with us)

Two people for one day OR two days - META-Health and EFT Mentoring Days: £150 normal price or £125 for previous students

Bring a friend or book both days to save money!

Book Your Place Now

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Your AAMET EFT Advanced Trainer

Robert Waghmare is an AAMET EFT Advanced Trainer and IMMA certified META-Health Master Coach Trainer. 

Robert's background in Information Systems research and consultancy provides an ideal backdrop for his transition into the field of Integrative Health coaching and training. His understanding of systemic approaches to problem solving and research is helping in the development of an advanced new science of mind-body healing.  Robert's qualifications and awards are as follows:

IMMA Advisory Board - International META-Medicine Association
The Fusion Approach Creator
META-Medicine Methods Developer
META-Health Master Trainer and Master Health Coach
Cyberkinetics Practitioner
META-Kinetics Developer and Master Trainer
EFT Advanced Trainer and Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
PGDip Stratic Information Systems Consultancy
BEng (Hons) Enginereering with Strategic Management

Joanne Ross co-hosts and supports Robert in delivering the EFT Mentoring Days

Joanne is an AAMET EFT Advanced Practitioner and along with Robert, the UK's only META-Medicine Master Trainer. She synthesises EFT and META-Health with META-Kinetics, Coaching, NLP and the Human Design System. Joanne's background in teaching and coaching helps with breaking down of some of the more complex aspects into bitesize chunks and helping you to get the most out of the weekend.

 Both Robert and Joanne have an active role in supporting the International META-Medicine Association.

Joanne's qualifications and awards are:

IMMA Advisory Board - International META-Medicine Association
The Fusion Approach - co-creator
META-Medicine Methods Developer
META-Medicine Master Trainer and Master Health Coach
META-Kinetics Developer and Master Trainer
EFT Advanced Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
PGCE (Qualified Teacher Status)
BA (Hons) History

AAMET CPD and Mentoring Requirements

In line with most professional bodies associated with complementary therapies, AAMET has set down mandatory requirements for Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPD) and Mentoring. This is widely considered to be in the best interests of the client and for the professional integrity and standing of our Members of AAMET. Any member who has difficulty gaining CPD or mentoring hours should discuss first with their Trainer.

IMPORTANT: Registered Practitioners (which includes Trainers and Trainers of the Trainers) who wish to be registered on AAMET will have to commit to and follow AAMET Code of Conduct and Ethics in addition to the AAMET Guidelines for CPD and Mentoring.

If, for whatever reason you are no longer able or willing to commit to or follow the AAMET Code of Conduct and Guidelines, you are honour bound to inform AAMET immediately so you can be removed from the Practitioner register until such time as you are able to make the necessary commitment. You may request to be moved to the Student Members list until you are in a position to comply with AAMET Code of Conduct and Ethics and the AAMET Guidelines for CPD and Mentoring, at which time you may reapply to be registered as a Practitioner member.

AAMET - Definition of Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is not intended as extra work or expense, but simply the normal effort made by conscientious Practitioners to develop personally and professionally, and keep up to date with the latest developments relating to EFT. In addition, Practitioners are strongly encouraged to work on clearing their own issues, which may otherwise interfere with their efficacy as a Practitioner, and to repeat trainings with other trainers, particularly at Level 3, to develop a wide perspective.

Under these Guidelines, all AAMET Practitioners (which includes Levels 2, 3 and Master, as well as Trainers and Trainers of Trainers) are required to commit to and acquire at least 30 hours of CPD per year in order to maintain their listing on the AAMET Practitioner/Trainer register. The hours should ideally be balanced across several CPD categories, and include a reasonable proportion of relevant professional training (either as attendee or as the Trainer delivering the training).

AAMET - Definition of Mentoring

For the purposes of these Guidelines, Mentoring means discussing cases that you have had difficulty with or may affect you and practicing your techniques with, or guided by, someone who is more proficient as a Practitioner or Trainer.

Practitioners (including Trainers and Trainers of Trainers) who are seeing clients one-to-one or in groups (or training groups) are required to have an absolute minimum of at least six hours one-to-one Mentoring or at least twelve hours Mentoring with a group lead by a proficient and more experienced Practitioner or Trainer, or a combination of the two.

In the case of Practitioners who are also Trainers, it is likely to be even more important that at least some of the Mentoring includes a fellow Trainer, or preferably a Trainer of Trainers, however it is up to the individual Trainer (perhaps taking advice from her/his Trainer of Trainers) to determine what may be best for her/him.

Practitioners who see a number of clients on a regular basis, or who regularly train others, should engage in substantially more hours of Mentoring than the minimum levels listed above, depending on workload.

All CPD and Mentoring hours gained must be recorded, together with attendance certificates and/or receipts as appropriate, and retained as evidence for at least 5 years in case this may be asked for by AAMET.