EFT Level 3 Advanced Training (AAMET)

Enhance your EFT toolkit, skills, confidence and success with Level 3

EFT Level 3 is an advanced course designed for Level 2 EFT Practitioners who want to go beyond the basics, develop higher levels of confidence and proficiency, gain deeper skills and obtain faster and more effective results with EFT and Energy Psychology.

EFT Level 3 Course Details

Dates: January 2014 - dates to be confirmed

Our EFT Level 3 Training is a full three-day training


Times: Please arrive at 9.30am on Friday. We finish at around 6.30pm


Venue: St Johns Hotel, Warwick Road Solihull. B91 1AT


Cost: £395 per person


Discounts are available for previous students wishing to refresh


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Advance bookings only. 

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EFT Advanced Practitioner training will enable you to:

  • Use EFT at a completely new level

  • Go beyond the basics – learn how to use EFT creatively and intuitively

  • Increase your confidence and competency as a therapist

  • Help clients to make rapid, profound and lasting change

  • Upgrade your reframing skills and help clients to develop resourceful beliefs

  • Reach core issues more quickly

  • Connect energetically with clients through rapport

  • Use Parts and Inner Child work to help clients resolve core issues

  • Help clients create a positive and compelling future goal setting with EFT

EFT Level 3 is open to all practitioners who:

  • Have completed EFT Level 2 training with Robert or another AAMET or AMT qualified trainer

  • Have gained experience in using EFT in a variety of contexts

  • Want to develop their skills further, and help clients more rapidly and effectively

  • Want to stay up-to-date with developments and learn new techniques


EFT Level 3 course content typically includes:

  • Advanced language skills and reframing: Helping clients to shift stuck perspectives, view the world and themselves in new and resourceful ways through NLP language patterns

  • Using metaphors: Harnessing the power of imagery and stories to blow clients’ problem perspectives

  • Using intuition: Taking yourself out of the way, using sensory acuity and connecting deeper with clients, so you get even better results

  • Using sub modalities: Helping clients create changes and positive outcomes utilising their visual, auditory and kinaesthetic perceptions

  • Identifying core issues: Questions to ask to uncover the root causes of clients’ ongoing problems, and how to identify events that are still affecting clients negatively even when there’s no initial emotional intensity

  • The Choices method: How to instil positive behaviours as negative energy patterns are released

  • Conflict resolution: How to work with opposing dilemmas in a client’s life

  • Practitioner maintenance: How to avoid projection, transference, outcome attachment and other common issues

  • Energy exercises: To balance your and clients’ energy systems

  • Parts and Inner Child work: Finding and releasing deeper stuck emotions and beliefs that prevent positive change

  • Using surrogate EFT

  • Slow EFT: How to find specific issues from complex problems

  • Creating a positive future: Helping clients to articulate what they want and use affirmations, instead of focusing on the unwanted belief or emotion they have now

NB At Level 3, the topics covered are flexible to meet the needs and desires of the group.


On the EFT Level 3 course, you will:

Robert Waghmare is an experienced EFT Advanced Practitioner and Trainer. He uses EFT logically and intuitively, knowing where to go to access core issues and help clients release their biggest blocks to happiness and success. As a Systems Thinker, Robert is able to reflect on his own practice and teach his skills and decision-making processes to others. As an NLP Master Practitioner, Robert is able to include many useful NLP tools and techniques in his Level 3 training.

You will not only have fun and learn a great deal from Robert’s courses, you will also have many opportunities to uncover and release your own blocks and barriers on the Level 3 weekend.


AAMET Requirements to retain Level 3 status:


Level 3 certification will be issued when the trainer is satisfied that the applicant has reached the necessary standard, and shall consist of a Practitioner Certificate (Level 3).

A system of mentoring and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) should be followed after the Level 3 course. A total of at least five CPD Units must be gained in each year after the initial Level 3 workshop. CPD, mentoring and supervision is undertaken at additional cost to the basic Level 3 training weekend.


To book your place 


Places are limited, so book early to secure your place. To book your place, please click on the 'pay for training' button at the top of the page, or send a cheque for £395 made payable to The META-Health Academy Ltd to 541 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AW.


If you have questions, or would like to find out more about the course, please contact us on 0845 838 6787, or email info@metahealthacademy.com