Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross META-Medicine Master Trainers presneting at the IMMA conference in Tallin Estonia

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META-Health Introductory Weekend

Discover the most advanced mind-body analysis, healing and personal development system available in the world today ...

This course is approved for 18 CEU’s by the California Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Athletic Training Boards.  Massage Therapists and other healers present this course to your credentialing body for CEU.

California Course Approval # META-123114


Official META-Health Introductory Weekend Booking Information

Venue: 248 Harbor Blvd, Belmont, CA 94002.  Belmont Personal Training and Nutrition Studio

Call Jessica on  888 364 3877 or email

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Course Dates: Friday August 9th -11th 2013


Times:  10 am - 6pm , Lunch 1-2pm


Price: $795 per person


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Meet your META-Health Master Trainer

Robert Waghmare is one of the first IMMA certified Master Coach Trainers in the world and IMMA Advisory Board Member

Robert is continuuing in aleadership role  

Who is the accrediting organization?

The non-profit International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) regulates the standards and quality of Introductory seminars and META-Health coach training and education.  The IMMA is responsible for the accreditation and certification of all META-Medicine Health Coaches and Trainers worldwide.

IMMA Mission Statement is: "The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health"

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META-Health Introductory Weekend Testimonials

As a Physical Therapist, I always felt like I treated my patients with one eye closed.  My open eye could comprehend, assess and treat the physical body of a patient/client.  However the emotional and compassionate understanding of how our beliefs interact with our physiology was like a fictitious unicorn I could never quite get a true understanding of how to integrate into my practice.

When I came across META-Health, it made sense to me.  Our body mind (subconscious) holds onto to "stuff" in the form of physiologic imprints that manifest as behaviors.  Things like my crooked back, my nagging anxieties and my knee jerk reaction to put the needs of others before my own are all derived from my childhood.  I had an overbearing grandmother, a disciplinarian father and a whole childhood of ups and downs like all of us.  My physiologic manifestation of emotional pain is lumbar lordosis with compensatory kyphosis.

I have never been able to correct it - no matter how many pectoralis stretches, middle trapezius rows, foam roller thoracic mobilization or yoga classes I take...until META-Health.  After my second META-Kinetics course in Europe in February 2013, I brought home a new embodiment of how my emotional health is beautifully entwined with my spiritual body.

Long story short, I had a significant 5 day flu with temperature, body aches and pains and overall fatigue.  When I got out of bed that last day of being ill I passed my bedroom mirror.  Then I cried. My thoracic curvature had straightened significantly - at least 50%.  From that moment on and for the first time ever in my life, my mind made contact with my body and they understood and hugged eachother.  Thank you META-Health for allowing me to find me, understand me, educate me, fullfil me and motivate me to assist others to experience the amazing sensation called "awareness".

Jessica Pohlkamp - BS MSPT, Physical Therapist

'I would recommend this course to anyone who has a serious interest in the field of wellbeing, from allopathic medicine to complementary and energy workers. You will gain a lot from it both personally and professionally. If you don't, come and tell me why! META-Medicine is the golden nugget!'
Roy Martin MBE, Life Change Consultant

‘I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn this wonderful diagnostic tool’
Jacqui, EFT Practitioner & Trainer

‘Wow, what can I say… an excellent insight into the world of META-Medicine. I now look at illnesses and their root cause in a different light’
Moriom, Homeopath



On this META-Health transformational weekend, you will:

  • Develop a transformative awareness, practical understanding and ability to work with the integration of mind-body-social relationships in health, personal development and illness which integrates and transcends modern (western) and ancient (eastern) philosophies and sciences of medicine, health and healing
  • Gain a unique and powerful insights into the precise relationships between your own health issues, emotions, stresses and life situations!
  • Learn how to uncover the emotional root cause behind a health issue, quickly and accurately
  • Discover the meanings of many common health problems, including eczema, acne, back pain, IBS, breast cancer, cystitis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, sore throats, tinnitus, joint pain and many more common issues
  • Find out why risk factors, don't cause ill health- this includes smoking, obesity, genetics, toxins and even germs such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Find out what does cause ill health, and the intelligent role that that pathogens play in any dis-ease
  • Understand the specific connection between stress and illness – find out why stress affects us all differently and what you can do about it
  • Learn how to your natural energy flow and the use the Two Phases (see fig 1 below) to improve your health and balance
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to start to use this amazing informationwith family, friends, colleagues and clients and improve your results


Figure 1: The 2 Phases of a dis-ease and return to wellness

This course will transform the way you think, whether you have a personal or professional interest in health, healing and personal development or are a health professional such as: EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner or Hypnotherapist, Counsellor or Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Doctor (GP or Consultant),  Nurse, Oxygen Therapist, Homeopath, Reflexologist, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner,  Life/Career/Performance Coach, Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer, Scientist or Academic studying in the fields of coaching, psychology, medicine, biology etc...

This revolutionary course can help you to get even better results with your clients/patients and fill in many of your questions about health and illness